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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Greetings, Whittier Families:

Welcome to our school, located in the heart of the International District.  We are proud of our diverse student body, our dedicated staff, and our supportive families.

This year, we have a difficult mission before us, as our school has been identified by the New Mexico Public Education Department as a school in need.  Our job, together, is to provide a safe environment for our children, where they flourish academically and emotionally.  We are fortunate to have many resources at our disposal to accomplish this, and we have clear goals in mind:

  • Whittier will provide rigorous academic experiences for all students in math and language arts.
  • Whittier will provide wraparound services through a Community Schools model to support families in their quest to educate their children.
  • Whittier will provide enrichment activities to ensure that education is relevant and engaging.

We are thrilled to have you on board for our journey and would like to share with you some ways that you can support your child in his/her learning.  These include:

  • Making sure your child is on time and in attendance at school every single day.
  • Communicating directly with teachers about classroom concerns and building a partnership to help our staff better understand your child’s needs.
  • Talking to your child every day about their school experiences.  We ask that you do this to keep up to date on their learning, but also to develop their language skills and emphasize your support of their education.
  • Reading with your child as much as you can, giving them chances to count objects and make change, assigning them chores and guiding them in completing tasks, and having them write shopping lists, notes to relatives, and stories.  Be creative in what you do, and please understand that these experiences build their academic skills while preparing them for a life beyond the schoolhouse doors.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We are always thrilled to have you visit in person, as well.  Our school is looking forward to a fantastic year, and we appreciate all of the support you give your child to contribute to their success in school!

With love,

Kim Finke, Principal

A Word From Our Assistant Principal


I am the Assistant Principal of Whittier Elementary in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been working with the children and families to see a future. We have realized that this population of students do not see a future. We have been working with them this year help them see themselves graduating high school. We have been working on giving them the tools and skills to give them a good foundation so they succeed in life. We really want to build a well-rounded community and produce individuals that will contribute in a positive way to the lives they build as they grow into adults. Whittier Elementary is one of four schools in the state of New Mexico who is going through a restructuring process. As part of this restructuring process, we will be starting school at the end of July. When the students and community come back we would like to have posters and advertisements of various paths they can take as they grow through the school year and into adulthood. We believe by exposing them to opportunities and a vision that they can build for themselves since they are elementary they will have a mindset to choose a productive path in life. We are asking for help with you all in this matter. Do you have any posters, stickers, pencils, advertisements that we can put up in our office areas, library, gym, and common areas so the students see these paths of hope everywhere? We want our community so see that we are invested in our students and their future. We would like to have items with your organizations names to give the students so they start embracing their future. We believe that exposure to your organizations will help pull out natural conversations that we can use to educate the students and use as a tool to create the path of success. They can be mailed to us or we can figure out a way to get them. Our address is 1110 Quincy St SE ABQ, NM 87108. Please put Attention Miguel Valdez. We would also like to form partnerships with you to build career fairs and ongoing activities to engage our learners to their bright futures. We are on a time crunch to get the school ready for a dramatic vision. We have begun this process this year with a program called ENVISION YOUR FUTURE and would like to go deeper into this process. Your help would be appreciated.




Miguel Valdez

Assistant Principal

Whittier Elementary