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Showing Our PAWS

Our goal is to teach and reinforce expected behaviors in a proactive, positive and consistent manner so that our students learn to be responsible members of our school community.  In turn, this will reduce challenging student behaviors so that we can increase our focus on academic excellence.

The PAWS program acknowledges and reinforces behaviors that are associated with the traits of positive attitude, respect, wise choices, and safety.  We call these “PAWS Behavior Expectations” and they are the behaviors that we want to see students demonstrate daily

Positive Attitude: Use a friendly voice, support and encourage all effortsAlways Respectful: Be kind to self and others, Show concern and consideration for others, Use Kind words. Wise Choices: Take responsibility for your actions no matter if it is positive or negative, Be a Problem Solver, Follow directions the first time.Safety First: Think before acting, walk in the walking zones, get adult help when needed.